Harvesting – Winning Angels: the 7 fundamentals of early-stage investing.

Initially, I thought this section would be about how to harvest investment opportunities.  But to my surprise it was about how to harvest the results of your investment.  Amis and Stephenson point out early in the section that “Harvesting is the end game of early-stage investments, the financial score by which you will measure yourContinue reading “Harvesting – Winning Angels: the 7 fundamentals of early-stage investing.”

Supporting – Winning Angels: the 7 fundamentals of early-stage investing.

It is understood that airplanes burn vastly more amounts of fuel taking off and accenting to cruising altitude than they do for the remainder of the flight.  I had a boss and career mentor use that point often to me early in my career as he made the analogy that the energy spent early inContinue reading “Supporting – Winning Angels: the 7 fundamentals of early-stage investing.”

Negotiating – Winning Angels: the 7 fundamentals of early-stage investing.

Before this book, I thought that all Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs did was negotiate.  And of course, ABC’s Shark Tank supports that notion.  I did believe that every time that an Angel or Venture Capitalist reviewed a deal it would be a negotiation.  This section like the others we find out there is more toContinue reading “Negotiating – Winning Angels: the 7 fundamentals of early-stage investing.”

Structuring – Winning Angels: the 7 fundamentals of early-stage investing. – Week 5

WCU ENT640 – Entrepreneurial Feasibility Analysis To begin the section on Structuring, Amis and Stephenson state that “the what and who of your investment are far more important than the terms.”  However, the varying strategies regarding this subject between current Angel Investors and Venture capitalist differ greatly and even contradict this statement all together.  LikeContinue reading “Structuring – Winning Angels: the 7 fundamentals of early-stage investing. – Week 5”

Valuation – Winning Angels

“In 1978, angel investor Richard Kramlich invested $22,500 of seed capital into Apple Computer at a pre-money valuation of around $10m.  The investment grew in value to over $5m, which was 222 times his investment” (Amis and Stevenson, p173).  A multiplier of 222 times his investment was quite some value.  Given a crystal ball atContinue reading “Valuation – Winning Angels”

Evaluating – WCU ENT640 Entrepreneurial Feasibility Analysis.

“In both entrepreneurship and angel investing, there is nothing like doing it. Nothing.” (Amis and Stephenson, p. 75.)  This implies that when evaluating your opportunities, your knowledge and ability to determine a good deal will increase with your experience of taking the steps of investing.  I think a similar statement can be made about beingContinue reading “Evaluating – WCU ENT640 Entrepreneurial Feasibility Analysis.”

Sourcing -“Winning Angels: the seven fundamentals of early-stage investing”.

As Entrepreneurs we are all well informed as to how difficult it can be to find capital for our business when needed.  Family and friends may be a touchy subject and injects an uncomfortable situation and may be a line we are not willing to cross.  Business loans are certainly an option but what ifContinue reading “Sourcing -“Winning Angels: the seven fundamentals of early-stage investing”.”

Outdoor Advertising – Greatest Marketing Campaigns – WCU ENT610

BBC – Dracula Billboard    Ad Link – https://www.creativebloq.com/design/billboard-advertising-1131681 Company – BBC Company website – http://WWW.BBC.COM The English billboard was for the New Year’s Day release of BBC’s new series, Dracula.  The billboard was filled on the left side with strategically placed Stakes that are known in folklore to be one of the few waysContinue reading “Outdoor Advertising – Greatest Marketing Campaigns – WCU ENT610”

Magazine – Greatest Marketing Campaigns – WCU ENT610

Ikea – Pee Ad   Ad Link – http://www.adweek.com/creativity/ikea-wants-you-to-pee-on-this-ad-if-youre-pregnant-it-will-give-you-a-discount-on-a-crib/ Company – Ikea Company website -www.ikea.com               This 2017 Ikea ad promotes and urges you to urinate on the ad.  Yes, urinate on it!  The ad header reads “Peeing on this ad may change your life.”  The ad is of a crib for sale as wellContinue reading “Magazine – Greatest Marketing Campaigns – WCU ENT610”

Newspaper Ads – Greatest Marketing Campaigns – WCU ENT610

HBO – GAME OF THRONES 2013 Company – HBO Company website – http://www.hbo.com                 HBO’s two-page ad that ran in The New York Times utilizes print shading to replicate a shadow of a Dragon flying overhead.  The shadow looks real enough to impact some emotion from the reader even though they may be inside, orContinue reading “Newspaper Ads – Greatest Marketing Campaigns – WCU ENT610”