Outdoor Advertising – Greatest Marketing Campaigns – WCU ENT610

BBC – Dracula Billboard   

Ad Link – https://www.creativebloq.com/design/billboard-advertising-1131681

Company – BBC

Company website – WWW.BBC.COM

The English billboard was for the New Year’s Day release of BBC’s new series, Dracula.  The billboard was filled on the left side with strategically placed Stakes that are known in folklore to be one of the few ways to kill a Vampire.  Each evening as darkness arrived a light that shined on the billboard caused the shadows of each stake to form into a silhouette of a vampire, Dracula himself.  The unique and creative effort in the ad caused heightened attention and conversation that made the expense well worth the cost.    

Ad Objectives – The ad looked to bring awareness to the new Dracula television series and did so even beyond the billboard itself through word of mouth, social media, and other television exposure that the creative nature of the ad created. 

Target Market – Television watchers and anyone interested in horror film. 

Call to Action – The ad caused many to come back in darkness to see the differences in the ad.  No direct call to action but I am curious to know if the expected outcome of the ad was planned by the advertisers. 

Value Proposition – The buzz and curiosity around the ad gave some the indication that the show itself would have similar stimulation.  Watch the show and you may see something unexpected.


Orphea – Bug Trap Billboard

Ad Link – https://youtu.be/xgvXZsgr9IQ

Company – Orphea

Company website – https://orphea.it/en/products/orphea-insect-repellents/

Italian bug repellant company Orphea created a billboard that doubled as a bug trap.  The Billboard had a picture of a big bug can on one side of a mostly blank canvas.  The company had painted a transparent glue in the shape of the spray pattern coming from the can.  Over a timeline bugs began to stick and die on the glue and forming a shaded area of the spray.  The company reports they killed more than 230,000 insects.

Ad Objectives – The creative ad was meant to be a significant comparison to Orphea’s repellant capabilities.  The artistic nature of the ad surely was also meant to create some buzz around the company itself.

Target Market – Dependent on location as well as timing of the ad.  The company probably utilized some marketing data to make decision for Ad.

Call to Action – As ad was to make a statement there is no true call to action. 

Value Proposition – Buy Orphea insect repellant and receive huge results. 

TNT – We Know Drama

Ad Link – https://youtu.be/316AzLYfAzw

Company – TNT

Company website – www.tntdrama.com

Was TNT’s effort to introduce Belgium was it a commercial, a stunt, or a skit? Either way it was one of the more creative and successful campaigns around.  Placing a Big stand with a bright red button in the middle of a Belgium Square daring people to push the button, TNT really brought the drama.  Once the button was pushed a series of chaotic scenes play out around those people in the square.  The randomness of the scenes builds up to a banner falling from a building introducing TNT.  The campaign resulted in over 8 million YouTube Views and 205,000 facebook shares. 

Ad Objectives – The commercial stunt was an effort to introduce TNT into a new market.  The Chaos was to build the tag line for TNT…We Know Drama.    

Target Market – The Belgium Country television watchers. 

Call to Action –   Watch the TNT network.  They know drama and the network will be as exciting as this stunt.

Value Proposition – Watch the TNT network and you will be entertained. 

Tyrolit – Rusting Billboard

Ad Link – https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/outdoor/tyrolit_the_iconic_rust_billboard

Company – Tyrolit

Company website – www.tyrolit.com

The Austrian knife company Tyrolit installed what seemed to be a very bland billboard that just had the company name in the middle on a white backed canvas.  However, over the next 30 days the billboard began to quickly rust but left the outline of a knife baring the companies name.  The tag line MAKELLOS. FÜR IMMER also appeared that translates to FLAWLESS. FOREVER. 

Ad Objectives – The billboard ad was meant to bring awareness to the quality of the Tyrolit products. 

Target Market – The billboard was installed in Vienna’s First District to maximize exposure to various demographics and tourist. 

Call to Action – Buy Tyrolit Knives as they will not rust and be flawless forever. 

Value Proposition –  Tyrolit has high quality products. 

South of the Border

Ad Link – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:South_of_the_Border_billboards

Company – South of the border

Company website – www.sobpedro.com

Anyone who ever has driven down I-95 into South Carolina knows Pedro and South of the Border all to well.  As you come upon the state line and cross into South Carolina you will pass a sea of signs and advertising delight.  There are more than 175 signs. Mostly on I-95 but are all through the state stretching from all boarders of Georgia to North Carolina on all highways and interstates.  The signs as well as the location itself is arguably tacky but that is part of the personality of the site. 

Ad Objectives – To loudly bring awareness to the South of the Boarder area.

Target Market – People of all ages and demographics traveling through South Carolina. 

Call to Action – All signs and billboards urge travelers to stop along their travels. 

Value Proposition – Many but mostly how Pedro and the South of the Border will be a great place to stop along your travels and it will be full of excitement. 

9 thoughts on “Outdoor Advertising – Greatest Marketing Campaigns – WCU ENT610

  1. Hello Jeramy,
    Nice ad selection, My favorite is the “You never sausage a place” and your explanation of the ads’ location and objective really helped for me to have better interpretation of the ad. Nice work!


  2. Hello Jeremy, You have a great selection of ads. The tackiness and humor of the “South of the Border” ads definitely get the attention of the traveler on I-95 as they approach the SC line. Curiosity might make some people stop. One thing is clear, they have anything the tired or hungry traveler may need. In contrast to the Tyrolit ad which is simply, but also clear. The interactiveness of the “Orphea” ad was great. To get people to be interested in a billboard ad is amazing. Simple, creative ads that have some kind of interaction seem to win all of the awards.
    Best regards,


  3. Hi Jeramy,
    You did a nice job selecting ads! We even selected one of the same ones! Because of that, I’d definitely like to discuss Pedro and the South of the Border advertisements. While the ads can be tacky, did you know that the owner of the venue Alan Schafer carved out about 40 million dollars annually for his advertising budget? I found it interesting when I was doing my analysis as these comical ads always made me want to experience South of the Border and its many attractions; but never really think about the implications for individuals of Hispanic descent. Furthermore, Schafer was criticized for his depiction of Pedro as well as his use of broken English in many of the signs by the Mexican Embassy. Schafer countered that he imported $1.5 million dollars worth of merchandise from Mexico annually!!! You can find more here https://www.roadsideamerica.com/news/5836. Nice work!


  4. Hi Jeramy,

    What a great selection of ads! Yours might be my favorite top to bottom and included a few that I had never seen before. I think the Dracula ad is brilliant. To have something that is so visually striking in day time that transforms to something even more shocking at night is tremendous. I also love the “In case of vampires, break glass” emergency box in front of the signs. Such a clever way to connect the wooden stakes on the billboard to the viewer.

    I also loved the patience that Orphea and Tyrolit were willing to use with their billboards. So many ads are an immediate or in your face call to action but these companies chose to go the other way. The result is longer connectivity to the audience who would keep checking in and noticing the differences over time. It’s like having a new billboard all the time! And it points directly to their value proposition. Brilliant!

    Thanks for bringing these ads to our attention and for your break down of each!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reviewing Trip!

      I noticed the “in case of vampires” box below and thought that it was a nice touch also.

      For the Orphea and Tyrolit I wonder how many passed by and never noticed. However, for those that did follow the billboards it was multiple high value impressions for the companies.



  5. Thanks for the post Jeramy! My favorite outdoor ad was “Orphea – Bug Trap Billboard”, it was BRILLIANT. I am actually still astounded how they did this. It was pretty neat to see, my only question though is how did everyone know what the billboard was doing?? If you didn’t know the context it may appear a little strange.

    Thank you for the analysis over all!


  6. I’ve always loved those “south of the border” ads! Yeah, they are a little tacky, but they are so fun! Especially when you’ve been driving for 8 hours straight and need a distraction. These signs do a great job of illustrating how to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. They really do have something to appeal to almost everyone!


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