Magazine – Greatest Marketing Campaigns – WCU ENT610

Ikea – Pee Ad  

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Company – Ikea

Company website

              This 2017 Ikea ad promotes and urges you to urinate on the ad.  Yes, urinate on it!  The ad header reads “Peeing on this ad may change your life.”  The ad is of a crib for sale as well as a designated area on the bottom that doubles as a pregnancy test.  If the participating woman is pregnant then a discount will appear on a new crib. 

Ad Objectives – The ad looks to reach out to women who may be pregnant and shopping for a baby crib and it utilizes a bit of shockvertising to capture the attention of all readers.

Target Market – The ad is targeting pregnant women and expecting parents.   

Call to Action – Pee on the ad and if pregnant then a discount will appear. 

Value Proposition –  If you are pregnant you can receive a discount off a crib. 

Pedigree – A Dog Makes Your Life Happier. Adopt

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Company – Pedigree

Company website –

              The ad takes a series of pictures that at first glance look gloomy and sad and then copy the ad with a dog inserted in the picture.  With the dog inserted the mood of the picture’s changes from gloom to happiness.  How we view the people in each setting changes with the addition of the dog, we now see them as happy. 

Ad Objectives – The ad drives the point that dogs make our lives happier as well as support pet adoption.  By driving pet ownership and adoption Pedigree builds positive brand recognition. 

Target Market – People who may be looking to add a dog in their lives as well as someone who may be looking to add happiness. 

Call to Action – Adopt a dog.

Value Proposition – Adopting/Getting a dog will bring happiness to your life. 

Toyota – Curve

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Company – Toyota

Company website –

              This Peruvian ad is set with a mountain range backdrop with a sharp curve turning sharply behind a mountain.  The road is set on the side of a mountain with a barrier protecting cars from falling off the steep mountainside.  The barrier is busted through with tire tracks and debris spread across the road.  At first glance you may think a vehicle missed the curve and fell to their demise on the mountainside, but upon second glance your eyes catch that the barrier is busted inward toward the road and then you realize that an off-road vehicle must have driven up the mountainside and onto the road.  The ad has no words but takes your mind through a subtle but surprising double take.   

Ad Objectives – To build rand awareness of the off-road capabilities of many of the Toyota vehicles.

Target Market – The Peruvian vehicle shopper that may have a need or desire for off-road vehicle.   

Call to Action – No true call to action.

Value Proposition – If you purchase a Toyota Off-road vehicle you will have great off-roading capabilities. 

Volkswagen: Resale Value

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Company – Volkswagen

Company website –

              This Volkswagen ad was released in Ireland in 2012.  The ad has a centered Volkswagen emblem with a dotted cut-out line around it with scissors implying the cut-out.  Below, the ad reads “How to increase your cars resale value.”  The ad risk going above some people’s heads, but it is stating that if you cut out their emblem and place it on your car then you will in turn increase your car’s resale value. 

Ad Objectives – To imply that Volkswagen has superior resale value compared to other vehicles. 

Target Market – Non-Volkswagen owners that may be shopping for new car. 

Call to Action – The only call to action would be to purchase a Volkswagen.  The satirical call to action would be to cut out the emblem and place on your car.

Value Proposition –  Purchase a Volkswagen as it holds greater resale value against other brands. 

McDonalds – Wake up with McCafé

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Company – McDonald’s  

Company website –

              The ad has a artistically placed cup of coffee on a napkin that is in the shape of an eye.  The napkin is white and the coffee cup blue.  As the coffee in the cup mimics the pupil, the cup being a blue eye color and the white napkin defines the shape that looks like a wide-open eye.  The tag line “Wake up with McCafe,” is in the bottom left.    

Ad Objectives – The ad looks to bring brand recognition to the McCafe Coffee’s from McDonalds and their quality.

Target Market – McDonalds customers as well as anyone that would be looking for a cup of coffee in the morning. 

Call to Action – Buy McDonalds McCafe coffee in the mornings to “wake up.”

Value Proposition – Drink McCafe Coffees in the morning and you will be wide awake. 

6 thoughts on “Magazine – Greatest Marketing Campaigns – WCU ENT610

  1. Jeramy,
    The Ikea Pee ad is creative, funny, and a little disturbing. Hopefully it’s a discount code, so the pee soaked paper doesn’t have to be carried into the store. I really enjoyed the Toyota ad as well. when I saw that picture at the top of your page, I had to look at it for a second to figure out exactly what you said was happening in the picture.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really like the Toyota “Curves” ad, and your analysis was spot on. This ad gets right up in your face with an amazing landscape. I thought the idea of tracks coming toward the reader was brilliant. I really wish more advertisers would take the time to tell stories in this manner.


  3. Hi Jeramy,
    The Ikea ad is amazing and too funny, though I question how messy it would have been to use. Also were people supposed to bring the ad in after they peed on it? Regardless, it is eye catching and probably also made the news, which means free extra coverage. I didn’t get the Toyota ad until reading your description, and I agree it’s a subtle, but clever ad. Also as a side note, the McDonalds ad did make me think of the eye, but at first my mind went to the eye drop company. You did a job pick and analyzing your ads.


  4. I’m not usually a fan of McDonald’s advertising, but I thought the McCafe ad was really eye catching (no pun intended). I always enjoy when ads infuse a heavy artistic vibe, and I definitely got that sense while looking at it. Moreover, the ad did a great job of showing the product in the best possible light, as looking at it really made me crave a coffee.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jeremy,
    It is funny that we both used the IKEA Pee Ad, on the bright side they don’t have to bring the paper in, maybe just have proof. The ad was creative and different, it was eye catching. Your posts are always insightful, and well analyzed.

    Liked by 1 person

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