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Company – HBO

Company website –

                HBO’s two-page ad that ran in The New York Times utilizes print shading to replicate a shadow of a Dragon flying overhead.  The shadow looks real enough to impact some emotion from the reader even though they may be inside, or sub consciously know there would be no dragon in the sky’s above them.  However, the most avid GOT watchers who are deeply involved in the show may almost want to believe there could be.  The ad announces the beginning of Season 3 of the popular show in the bottom right of the ad with the shadow disrupting the faux new stories above. 

Ad Objectives – Announcing new season of Game of Thrones. 

Target Market – Newspaper Demographic typically ages 40 and over.  Average Household income above 75k and higher education level as readers in New York Times.

Call to Action – Brand add to announce new Season. 

Value Proposition – As the dragon is inked into the page and causing one to possibly question their senses the value would be to not miss something exciting.  In this case, the upcoming new season. 

Porsche – Honestly Now

Company – Porsche

Company website –

                The Ad provokes nostalgia of our youth when we possible dreamed of what kind of car we would have when we were older.  The ad asks… “Honestly now” as it ask if you ever dreamed about a Mitsubishi or a Nissan, two of the more affordable 2 door sports coups.  The ad seems to target the Mitsubishi and Nissan shoppers with the point that Porsche is making their cars more affordable.  The ad leaves the reader with a challenging statement “we know how many decades you’ve waited.”    

Ad Objectives – The ad seeks to evoke memories of our childhood when we may have dreamed of owning a Porsche.  The ad drives urgency with how long you have wanted one and the new price points.  

Target Market – Career Male, typically over 30.  Possibly single or without children with household income of over 75k.

Call to Action – If shopping for a sports coup, consider the Porsche over the Mitsubishi or Nissan cars of similar style which may be less expensive. 

Value Proposition – “And we’re now making it very affordable”  giving the reader the idea they may be able to afford a Porsche over a Mitsubishi or Nissan sports coupe. 

Stella Artois – Coupon 2007

Ad Link –

Company – Stella Artois

Company website –

                The ad mimics a coupon for the Stella Artois beer, but instead of a discount the bearer of the coupon will pay $1.25 extra for the drink.  The coupon has a tag line in the bottom left stating “Reassuringly Expensive.”  The ad plays on both the drink as a status increasing beer as well as the quality as it would be worth more money than whatever the cost may be at the serving location.     

Ad Objectives – To firm up the view that the beer is already an expensive beer that is enjoyed by many as a drink that would up their status with either money or their exquisite taste.

Target Market – Beer drinkers who enjoy premium beers or status drinkers. 

Call to Action – Unstated but tells people to drink Stella Artois because its expensive.

Value Proposition – Stella Artois is expensive and worth more than whatever amount you would pay for it. 

Stihl – “Had enough bad news?”

The ad campaign is a series of newspaper ads where Stihl products are working and being utilized on the faux content of a newspaper page.  A banner on the bottom of the main ad provides a statement about the product that is highlighted in the ad.  The faux content seems to be a story of the product and the Stihl company as well.  A chainsaw seemingly cuts down columns of the content, a grass trimmer edges out the words, and a blower blows the letters and words toward one area of the page.      

Ad Objectives – Each banner ad below the product makes sure to promote the quality of the product as both commercial as well as good for the homeowner. 

Target Market – The professional who may utilize these products everyday as well as homeowners who want a professional quality product for their uses. 

Call to Action – Purchase Stihl if you are a professional or homeowner. 

Value Proposition –  Solidifying and framing Stihl as the premier product and asking for you to purchase based on their professional quality.   

Carulla Knives Campaign – 2016

Company –  Carulla

Company website –

                This ad from Columbia is a series of newspaper ads that utilize the columns in the classified section of a newspaper that tellingly turned the spacing in between the columns into a highly effective ad in almost seemingly 3D way.  The series of ads use fish and various vegetables as they appear sliced with the vertical newspaper columns.  Using multiple variations of the same ad gives another impression to the reader and capturers their attention again.          

Ad Objectives – The ad is looking to build market awareness for their brand in a creative way as well as promote the accuracy of their product.

Target Market – Families that shop the Carulla brand and fit the demographics of the newspaper.

Call to Action – No true call to action.  Ad is to build brand awareness. 

Value Proposition –  Carulla brand knives cut very accurately. 

3 thoughts on “Newspaper Ads – Greatest Marketing Campaigns – WCU ENT610

  1. The Game of Thrones ad is genius! I wonder if it cost less for them because they could print stories underneath the ad. I almost chose that same Porsche ad. It does a great job of almost making fun of itself. Great post!


  2. That Game of Thrones ad was fire! At the time, GoT hadn’t caught the full attention of the masses, so this was a bit of a risk for HBO, and for the newspapers. That is one thing I really like, when marketers take risks and go for broke. This ad had the ability to capture the imagination of many readers who hadn’t know about the GoT phenomenon. It harkens back to those grand adventures from the late 70’s and early 80’s, and also reminds people of the works of like Tolkien and other fantasy authors. It hooks you and leaves you wondering what might be next.


  3. The GoT ad and the Carulla ad do a good job of using the medium to create a more effective ad by going outside the norms. The Stella ad is also funny, but I was unaware of the price of the product. I thought it meant that the beer was cheap and it was playing on some people’s notions that a more expensive beer would taste better.Also I am ready for that Sthl ad to work in real life so we can get rid of Covid-19. Good selection, and great analysis!


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